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Railway container freight from China to Moscow

Station of departure Transit Destination 40HQ/COC
Tianjin Via Erenhot Moscow (Elektrougli\Bely Rast\Vorsino) $7100
Qingdao Via Manzhouli/Horgos Alashankou/Erenhot Moscow (Elektrougli\Bely Rast\Vorsino) $7200
Shenzhen/Foshan/Guangzhou/Zhuhai Via Manzhouli/Horgos/Alashankou Moscow (Vorsino) $7500
Shanghai/Ningbo Via Alashankou Moscow (Elektrougli\Bely Rast\ Vorsino) $7500
Xiamen Via Manzhouli Moscow (Vorsino) $7600
Rates are valid till July, 31
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