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Container Train Schedule: China to Moscow (Late March - April)

Loading address Departure station Arrival station Rail freight ETD
FOB Ningbo Xian station Moscow 6300$ March 30
FOB Tianjin Gaoyi station 5800$ March 27
FOB Shanghai Xian station 6300$ March 30
FOB Qingdao Gaoyi station 6200$ March 27
FOB Yiwu Yiwu station 6050$ Late of March
FOB The Pearl River Delta Datian/Pinghunan station 6100$ March 29/30; April 3/6/10/11
FOB Shantou 6400$
FOB Xian Xian station 5500$ March 30
FOB Xiamen Xian station 6600$ March 30
FOB Suzhou Suzhou station 6200$ Late of March
Rates are valid until April 11th.
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